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We are a team of energetic legal practitioners, whose passion is solving problems and indicating effective solutions to our clients. The cooperation models that we propose are designed to meet client requirements, which can differ according to types of cases, business and way of remuneration. At work, we focus on specialization, flexibility and innovation that allows the fastest way of achieving expected results.

Once a week our Law Firm offers free meetings allowing insight into clients’ issues and present possible variants of their solution.

Mateusz Szabelski

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Mateusz Szabelski advocate, mediator X

Advocate of Szczecin Bar Association and mediator trained by the National Association of Mediators. The areas his legal practice mainly focuses on are complex service companies operating in the construction and design, trade, as well as matters of criminal law, copyright and servitude. He uses his knowledge and ability of mediation in the ongoing negotiations and supporting NGOs in solving adverse social situations. He conducts mediation in commercial, criminal and family matters.

In his work he focuses on consistent, comprehensive insight into the clients' cases and finding innovative solutions.

Privately, he is a photographer, a marathon runner and XC cyclist. He is interested in personal development and music of many genres.


He provides legal services in English, German and Spanish.

Marcin Walawski

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Marcin Walawski legal counsel X

member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Szczecin

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

His academic interests were focused around contract law, company law and securities law.

Seminar on the department of the Civil and Commercial Law under the direction of Professor Janina Panowicz-Lipska he crowned with thesis under the title "The dematerialization of securities", assessed and defended with top grades.

He began his career during his studies in Poznan in law firms and legal advisors. In the years 2010-2015 he was a member of the legal team that supports headquarters of group companies BZ WBK (Santander Group), i.e. BZ WBK TFI SA and BZ WBK Asset Management SA.

His tasks included ongoing support of individual organizational units of companies and bodies of BZ WBK TFI SA / BZ WBK AIB Asset Management SA, including in particular the editing and analysis of contracts specific to the capital market, legal support for taxation team, the relevance of client claims, administering companies in dealing with regulators (including the Financial Supervision Authority), verification of current and periodic reports, preparation and verification of internal regulations as well as monitoring the changes in the legal environment, with particular emphasis on the financial market.

As a legal counsel he was involved in projects related to the introduction of new investment products, as well as in implementing new ICT solutions in the process of customer service.

He also collaborated with insurance companies as support in court proceedings in the district of Poznan.

Since 2014 started his own practice within the Law Firm.

Currently he is focused on representing business entities in litigation and enforcement, drawing up and analysis of contracts, the introduction of procedures related to the protection of personal data, provision of services and sales via the Internet (e-commerce), as well as the registration and ongoing legal support of commercial companies.

The area which he devotes his particular attention to is the legal services for foreign investors, in particular companies of Scandinavian origin.

Services are provided in both, English and Polish.

Foreign languages:


Polish and English. Norwegian at a basic level.

Scope of services

The offer of Law Firm Szabelski Walawski is tailored to the characteristics and client’s expectations. Essentially the services provided by the firm are directed towards business clients and individuals.

Law Firm Szabelski Walawski has a continuous service of entrepreneurs involving the active participation in the process of building a safe and effective strategies in projects carried out by enterprises, litigation and extrajudicial proceedings, negotiation, mediation, preparing official letters, drafting agreements, copyright protection of enterprises and their intellectual property, investment planning, as well as the support of accounting and human resources departments.


Law Firm Szabelski Walawski has the greatest experience in handling businesses operating in construction, execution of construction projects and regulations, trade (including e-commerce) along with drafting and analysis of contracts typical for capital markets, as well as evaluation and investigation of claims related to investment products. The legal practitioners of our Law Firm also conduct trainings according to the needs of clients.

Support for entrepreneurs and enterprises

01. Asserting claims

Preparation of default notices, judicial enforcement of claims and debt collection involving the bailiff's office. We support our clients particularly in asserting claims arising from construction contracts (including subcontracts), design, lease, supply, sale, transfer, as well as other service contracts.

02. Constant support of entrepreneurs

Ongoing legal support through regular meetings at the client's or firm. The service includes legal assistance in running a business, planning strategies in ongoing projects, editing of contracts, enforcement of claims on behalf of the client, as well as legal services of companies and for their bodies.

03. Representation before courts and public administration authorities

Initiating proceedings, drafting letters, participation in hearings and official actions, support for investment processes, conducting state regulated business, and the preparation of applications for individual interpretations of tax law.

04. Analysis and preparation of agreements

Protection of client's interests in the course of concluding contracts submitted by contractors, editing contracts used by clients in business transactions as closely as possible taking into account the objectives and the security of the enterprise.

05. Copyright, intellectual property and protection of image

Assistance in protection of image of the company and the protection of its intellectual property, registration of trademarks and proprietary copyrights turnover.

06. Rating and enforcement of claims related to investment products

Analysis of the regulations, prospectuses and contracts in order to assess potential claims between the client and also enforcement of claims available to clients against financial institutions.

07. Protection of personal data

Conducting audits with regard to the documentation required in connection with the processing and protection of personal data in the company, as well as drawing up projects of the necessary procedures and documents.

08. e-commerce

Legal support of the sales process, drawing up and reviewing contract templates as well as regulations regarding their compliance with the civil law regulations and the consumers’ special protection.

09. Mediation

Amicable settlement of disputes of an economic nature with the assistance of a neutral and impartial mediator.

10. Labor law

Representing employers in litigation of employment relationship and related relationships, drafting internal regulations relating to employment relationship (work regulations, remuneration policy, bonuses regulations, etc.), as well as enforcement of claims concerning non-competition.

Individual Clients Customer Service

The range of services for individual clients includes conducting civil, criminal, administrative, family and labor law, consulting on legal issues that require in-depth analysis, providing legal advice, preparation of pleadings, mediation assistance in resolving family, marital and neighbor conflicts. Law Firm Szabelski Walawski has vast experience in conducting of criminal, misdemeanor, easements cases (including utility easements, or easement of access), relating to disputes between co-owners, fines imposed by the authorities, labor law, family matters as well as compensation and enforcement of claims.

01. Civil cases

The Law Firm conducts cases from the whole spectrum of civil law, including enforcement of claims, remedies, carrying out cases of acquisitive prescription, payment, regulation of the use of property, inheritance, legitim. Our service comprises the pre litigation stage (including negotiations, drawing up the appropriate documents, etc.), as well as litigation.

02. Criminal cases

Criminal cases are a very important field of the Law Firm practice. Szabelski Walawski has years of experience in conducting criminal investigations as both the prosecution and - mainly - defense. A serious amendment to the legislation introduced in July 2015 enables our legal practitioners to move our adversarial method of pursuing other legal proceedings to the area of criminal law. Our support in the field of criminal law covers the most common alleged crimes, as well as economic, fiscal and actions on the brink of criminal law and other branches of law.

03. Administrative matters

The Law Firm’s legal practitioners provide representation in administrative proceedings - both before administrative bodies of all instances and before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court. Our services also include the construction of legal opinions concerning the issues presented by the client.

04. Family matters

In this field of our activity the Law Firm handles the whole range of family matters, including cases of divorce, alimony, child custody, contact with a child, and cases of incapacitation, or the designation of a guardian.

05. Cases involving labor law

Our Law Firm supports clients in obtaining enforcement of claims from employment relationship and related relationships, conduct cases proving employment relationship, as well as recover overtime dues.

06. Consulting and legal advice

The future of legal services lies primarily in taking appropriate legal action before specific situation turns into a conflict or litigation. Therefore, our legal practitioners provide a wide range of advice and legal advice to protect the client's interests.

07. Preparation of documents

In this area of activity Szablewski Walawski provides the choice of the most appropriate legal response in situations presented by the client and preparing papers protecting interests of their mandators.

08. Mediation

Law Firm Szabelski Walawski also provides a mediator support in disputes relating in particular to: child care, child support, contact with the child, neighbor disputes and criminal cases. If you're wondering whether your case might be resolved by mediation - please contact us

Scandinavian Customer Service

Our Law Firm pays much attention to Scandinavian clients, providing them comprehensive legal support. We provide service for companies from this part of Europe throughout the country including activities related to the establishment of commercial companies, editing contracts used in trading, the occurrence of individual interpretations of tax law and representation of clients before courts and public administration.

The current foreign customer service allowed us to develop a comfortable service model, including provision of legal services remotely, using information technology. Our flexibility allows customizing the scope of services and the way they are provided to individual needs of our Scandinavians clients, accustomed to the highest standards and quality.


The mission of Law Firm Szabelski Walawski is to provide legal aid of the highest standard of quality, reliability and confidentiality whole country wide and customer service adapted to the case nature, expectations and needs. We care about effective and quick solution to the issues presented by the client.

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